...what's an arcsecond?
Author Name Withheld 2
Rating/Warning Category:PG-Rated Fan Fiction
Genres Challenge, drama, science fiction, futurefic, AU
Format Short Story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

In terms of asteroids, it's the difference between a near-miss and global devastation. In terms of Nick's future, it's the difference between heaven and hell.



  • A week before the scheduled impact, Nick had overridden her protests and brought her to his apartment more specifically, to the secure chamber underneath the warehouse. Sparse furnishings, cabled to permit contact with the outside world, freezers filled with bottled blood... half of them had been cleaned out, stocked with food. A place where a vampire could lay low, evade detection, in times of trouble. A place where one or two carefully chosen people might survive the upcoming cataclysm.


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