Tn 1966 052
Broadcast Date  23 February 1993
Season  1
Broadcast Order  21st
Episode Number  22
Production Number  121
Writer  Brad Wright
Director  Nicholas J. Gray
Previous Story: Fatal Mistake

Next Story: Love You to Death

We are all hostages here.
— Nick, 1966


A hostage incident in the precinct reminds Nick of events in Berlin in 1966, when he travelled behind the Iron Curtain in search of a lost cure for vampirism—which LaCroix is determined to deny him.

Guest CastEdit

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Tn 1966 093crop
Tn 1966 192crop
Tn 1966 145crop
Tn 1966 135crop

Detailed Story RecapEdit

Tn 1966 227crop

LaCroix finds the Abarat before Nick does

Vampire LoreEdit

Fan FictionEdit



Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title for this episode is the same as the English one.
  • The scenes set in East Berlin were filmed on location at the Gooderham and Worts Distillery in Toronto.


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