A. C. Chapin
Pen names p. q. laertes, pqlaertes (AO3)
Official website

A. C. Chapin (whose works are also posted under the name pqlaertes) is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction and poetry.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by A.C. Chapin.


A. C. Chapin has had two websites. The first, A Miscellany by A. C. Chapin (originally at, was a large website for its day, with webspace provided by her university. It comprised multiple sections for information on favourite television series, information needed for university classes, personal info/photos, and a guestbook. The sections specifically on Forever Knight include The Cousinly Page (dedicated to LaCroix and the faction focused on him, the Cousins), CERK Radio Toronto (focusing on LaCroix as the Nightcrawler), and The CERK Archive (for Nightcrawler broadcasts). In contemporary Links pages on other websites, these are often cited separately. In addition, "The Fake Book"—A.C. Chapin's multi-fandom fanfic archive—included stories and poetry based on Forever Knight.

Presumably this site disappeared when its owner left the university. However, she created a second website, The Fake Book (at in order to maintain her fanfic/poetry archive. This site disappeared when Yahoo! discontinued all GeoCities websites.

Both of A.C. Chapin's websites are now in the Forever Knight Website Archive. She no longer keeps a personal website, but archives her fan fiction and poetry on the Archive Of Our Own using the name pqlaertes.

Fan FictionEdit

The following stories are listed chronologically by the date of posting or publication.






The following poems are listed chronologically by the date of posting or publication.




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