A Hunt By Any Other Name
Author Amy R.
Date January 2012
Where posted Fandom Stocking (Jan)
Rating/Warning PG
Genres drama, Christmas story
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

In the elevator at the Eaton Centre, Janette and Natalie run into each other at the Boxing Day sales.


Written for Havocthecat in the 2011/2012 Fandom Stocking game on LiveJournal. On her wish list, she wrote that she likes to read "stories about women, focusing on their relationships and friendships, and... saving themselves and each other". Beta'd by skieswideopen and celli.

Author's NotesEdit

  • This story fits in the long hiatus between first and second seasons.
  • I drew on the Eaton Centre website, Boxing Day coverage in Toronto newspapers, and "How to Survive in a Plummeting Elevator" from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel by Joshua Priven and David Borgenicht. (I understand that the works above the main Eaton Centre elevator were visible through glass until 2010, when a remodel encased them in stainless steel.)
  • The idea of a midwinter toast among Janette, Nick and Lacroix belongs to Susan G.'s wonderful "Coin of the Realm," and is intended here as a tribute to her landmark seasonal FK stories.


  • "Boxing Day, Janette mused, might just be her favorite thing about Ontario. However the observance had begun, it had evolved into a holiday honoring the hunt — and of the hunt, Janette was a most ardent devotee. Granted, stalking discounts on haute couture shoes and seizing rebates on the latest electronics wilted beside chasing her natural prey across wild countryside or entrapping it within civilized customs, anticipating her just rewards in hot, heavy, heaving blood... no, there was no comparison. But in this ungenerous modernity, where medical discards were everyday fare and Nicolas's monkish abstinence might someday be all their lot, she reveled in this opportunity to publicly unleash the vampire's instincts to pursue, to catch, to possess."

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