A Little Knight Music
A Little Knight Music - front and back covers (art by Ann Larimer).
Author Jude Wilson
Date 1995
Rating/Warning R
Genres Drama
Format Novella
Previous Dreaming of the Knight
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A Little Knight Music is a second season Forever Knight fanzine by Jude Wilson, with cover art by Ann Larimer. It is a sequel to Dreaming of the Knight.

Story RecapEdit

Summary from the publisher, "Nick finds himself faced with solving a murder that may implicate a vampire, the consequences of his bout with the dream doll, and a woman who offers him a chance to walk in the light--but at a cost."

Author's NotesEdit

  • The zine was published in February 1995, with cover art by Ann Larimer.
  • A Little Knight Music was nominated for a 1996 FanQ in the Forever Knight Stand-Alone Zine category.


  • This work was never printed online.


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