A Question of Loyalty
Author DJ Clawson
Date 31 December 2008 - 7 January 2009
Rating/Warning PG-13
Genres Drama
Format novelette
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

While investigating a car bomb, Nick discovers that Feliks Twist and his master may be involved in the case.

Author's NotesEdit

While writing a longer Aristotle story, I had to come up with a back story for Feliks, and I liked it so much I decided to work it into another story for fun.

This story involves a lot of politics about sensitive topics like religion and racial tensions in India and Pakistan, so if you have reason to be sensitive about something of that nature, please know I don't mean to offend you. I merely wish to portray the characters as how they would actually act based on politics in India in the 1990's (and some other time periods).


  • "I just got off the phone with the Indian Embassy," Captain Cohen said after calling them into her office. "Shasheed Singh arrived in Toronto last month for a series of interviews for a local documentary on international politics. He was a media star in India - had a political commentary show until it was cancelled. Called India Today, New Delhi Edition. And here's the best part." She dropped the papers in front of them. "The show had three pundits, and of them was killed shortly after the taping ended in a car accident. No arrests made and the case was closed, and Mr. Singh came to Toronto to do the documentary."

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