Aerial Encounters
Author Michele Alexander
Date 8 December 1997
Rating/Warning G
Genres crossover, crackfic
Format flash fiction
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Superman. Nick encounters Superman during the rescue of Lois Lane, who has been kidnapped by a bank robber.


Originally written for the Nick and NatPack list.


It felt like Nick had suddenly hit a brick wall, he lost control of his powers of flight and began plummiting to the ground.

Superman was also startled and began falling as well. Nick got tangeled in superman's cape and vamped out, ripping the specially formulated material to shreads. Clark saw the glowing eyes and fangs of the vampire detective assumed he was an adversary and flammed him with his heat vision.

Author's NotesEdit

I originally wrote this in aproximately 10-15 minutes, its slightly more edited then it was but still not beta read(for those of you that know yes I fixed the problem with two charectors ariving twice<g>)on original posting but not by much.

I posted this bit of fluff originally for the N&N list, I figured it was about time to post it here.

I don't even know which version of the superman saga I'm using [...]."

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