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Captain Cohen kept several family photographs in her office.

Family photographs reveal that, for all her strict no-nonsense demeanour at work, Captain Cohen was very much a family woman. This is obvious to anyone looking around her office at the 96th Precinct police station, since she kept photographs everywhere. There is one on her desk, and several on top of the tall filing cabinet in the corner and the long cabinet beside it. It is clear that the Captain felt a strong bond with her family, though she seldom spoke of them at work.
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On her desk, Captain Cohen has a picture of her daughter.

Certainly, whenever a case involved the death of a child, she tended to pick up her daughter's photograph from her desk and look at it.
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When Captain Cohen died, her personal effects were boxed up to be given to her husband.

When Captain Cohen was killed in Black Buddha Pt. 1, it fell to her replacement, Joe Reese, to clear the office of her property so that it could be returned to her family. Nick was struck by her loss when he came in just after Reese had put everything in a cardboard box, with the photographs on top.

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