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An anagram decoder is used to solve the clues in the game.

An anagram decoder computer program is used to decipher the clues in a virtual reality game in the episode Games Vampires Play.

The detectives investigating the homicide of videogame designer R. H. Lo are challenged to play his latest game in order to find clues to the identity of his murderer—his business partner, Rita Scott. However, Det. Nick Knight is the only one to recognize the challenge for what it really is. His colleagues simply think that he has become obsessed with playing the game. As it is a vampire game, Dr. Lambert, in particular, is very concerned that this means that he is regressing in his search for a cure.

In fact, Nick has realized that, as he wins each level of the game, he is allowed to find a clue as a prize before moving on to the next level. However, once all the clues have been discovered, it is still necessary to figure out what they mean. Nick immediately guesses that the initial letters of the names of the clues form an anagram of the place where Rita Scott is hiding. Back at the 96th Precinct police station, the others assume that this is too easy. Instead, they decide to try various other permutations of letters from the names of the clues. Whereas Nick works out the anagram by hand, they use the anagram decoder program.

A caption at the top of the screen says, "Virtual Computer Lab", with a toolbar underneath with little buttons for "File", "Edit", "Search", "Tools", and "Help". The centre of the screen has a large window captioned "Anagram decoder". Inside this window, on the right, is the list of clues in the order in which they were found: skull, O Type blood label, truncheon, hour glass, jack knife, and noose. On the left is the image of a large spinning die, which serves no useful function. Under it is a red bar with "Decoding" printed on it. At the very bottom of the screen are two buttons, marked "OK" and "Cancel".

The part of the screen that alters (other than the spinning die) is confined to a bar running across the screen under the list and the die image. On this bar are the letters currently being descrambled. As the computer program runs through the various permutations, the letters change on the bar. Whenever the letters take the shape of an actual word, including place names, the computer stops until the operator determines whether this is the desired solution to the anagram.

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