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Nick's nephew, André (from Fallen Idol)
Born circa 1235 (Brabant)
Family Fleur de Brabant (mother)
Madam Brabant (maternal grandmother)
Nicholas de Brabant (uncle)
Portrayed By Hayden Christensen
Fan Factions Andreivichs

André is the son of Nick's younger sister Fleur. We do not learn his surname. A handsome, healthy boy, he is a typical scion of a noble family of the mid thirteenth-century—well fed and well dressed, by the standards of the time.

André becomes Nick's ward after his mother's death; and, for a time, Nick acts as lord of the manor, raising the boy in the manner of a nobleman's son while managing to conceal his true nature. However, LaCroix has other ideas. Although André has been forbidden to spy on his uncle when he visits the dungeon, LaCroix takes the boy down to see Nick preying on captive humans. Repulsed, the boy runs away.

It is unknown what became of the child afterwards, but even centuries later Nick feels immense guilt at failing both his sister and her son.

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