Angela Mosler
Tn beyond 025crop
Died 1968, Chicago (suicide)
Portrayed By Lisa Ryder

Angela Mosler is a campaign worker for Senator Thomas Gardiner in 1968, during his bid to be picked as the Democratic Party candidate for president of the United States.

Nick—at that time a police officer—works as off-duty convention security when the campaign arrives in Chicago. While watching Senator Gardner's speech on television, Angela remarks on the elegance of his message and asks Nick for his opinion of the speech. Then she asks if he wants to join their team. He says that he is not sure what he can contribute. However, when speaking later with Gardner, she tells him how good a recruit to the cause Nick would make.

Shortly afterwards, Nick sees her coming out of Gardner's hotel room extremely upset. She is crying, and says that it was all her fault. Nick tries to comfort her, but she rejects his sympathy and leaves. Extremely depressed, she hangs herself. When her body is later found, there is a media circus. The Senator shows little immediate feeling about her death save for the damage it could do to his political career.

Nick debates with himself what to do. It is hinted that he finally decides to reveal all that he knows of the incident that led to Mosler's suicide. The resultant scandal puts a quick end to Gardner's chances to become president.

Interpretation of EventsEdit

The incident that leads to Mosler's suicide is couched obscurely. On the one hand, it has been interpreted to mean that she and Gardner had an affair that she took more seriously than he did, and that she committed suicide when she realized it was just a campaign fling. On the other hand, it has also been interpreted to mean that he raped her in his hotel room, and she was too afraid to report the crime—both because of the insensitivity of rape investigations and because she feared that an important man like Gardner would manage to shrug off the accusation.

Series InformationEdit

Angela Mosler appeared in only one episode, Beyond the Law. The character was played by Lisa Ryder who would later return as Tracy Vetter, Nick’s new partner in Season Three.

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