Another Ending
Author Arletta Asbury
Date 2 June 1996
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Last Knight story
Format short story
Series Fourth Season series
Next Transitions
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

After the events of "Last Knight", Natalie awakes in hospital.


  • This is the second of several Last Knight stories that Arletta wrote in 1996 just after the series ended. As she wrote in a note at the top, "This is my second attempt at Fanfic, so please, remember that and try to be kind. It was inspired by my hatred of the ending of "Last Knight". I hate it, hate it, hate it!"
  • Arletta continued the story in "Transitions", which deals with events immediately after Natalie leaves hospital.


"Could you fill this out?" Natalie shook her head. Seating herself on the chair beside Natalie's bed, she said. "If you'll just answer my questions, I'll fill it out for you." Natalie nodded. She proceeded to read the admissions form and ask Natalie for each item of information until she reached the next of kin question. Natalie's eyes clouded, rapidly filled with tears, and she began weeping outright. Unsure what to do she patted Natalie's hand and murmered "There, there." After a bit she tried again "Do you have anyone that I could list here. How about a friend or co-worker?"

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