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Aristotle in "Forward Into the Past"
Portrayed By R. D. Reid
Fan Factions Academy, Philosophers
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Aristotle, surrounded by the tools of his trade

Aristotle is a vampire, though no one would be likely to guess this from his amiable, harmless appearance. He is known by no other name and that one is likely an alias. Aristotle keeps an incredible data system, through which he is able to construct false identities for vampires who wish to move on. He has a strict policy of never divulging information on their new whereabouts. He and Nick Knight are on excellent terms, so much so that he once agreed to create a new identity for a mortal friend of Nick's.

The character was portrayed by actor R. D. Reid. He appeared in only one episode in the second season, "Forward Into the Past".

Fan FictionEdit

(The following are works of fan fiction that include Aristotle among their characters.)