Arthur Conan Doyle
Tn blind 240crop
Born 22 May 1859 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Died 7 July 1930 (heart attack)
Family Charles Altmont Doyle (father)
Mary Foley (mother)
Louise Hawkins (first wife)
Jean Elizabeth Leckie (second wife)
Portrayed By David Storch

Arthur Conan Doyle (not to be knighted as Sir Arthur until 1902) is best known today as the author of the detective stories featuring Sherlock Holmes. He did not start this career, however, until after the events of Blind Faith, the only episode in which he appears. Although he introduces himself to Nick in the episode as "Doyle", he is more usually known by the compound surname "Conan Doyle".

On holiday, and curious about rumours of a gigantic vicious dog in the area, Arthur Conan Doyle set out on his own to investigate. He had to be rescued by Nick Knight, whose dog Raleigh—turned vampire by a carouche)—was the origin of the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles.

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