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Ava Franklin

  • profession - amanuensis
  • employer - Madame Natasha
  • cause of death - murder
  • place of death - in Madame Natasha's apartment in Toronto
  • actor - Carolyn Hay
  • appearances - Forward Into the Past

Ava Franklin was the amanuensis to a fortune teller who went under the professional name "Madame Natasha". She was trying to train her own psychic abilities, which granted her occasional flashes of insight.

When Madame Natasha was killed, the detectives investigating the case, Nick Knight and Don Schanke, were surprised to discover that there was someone in the victim's apartment. Ava knew that her employer was dead as soon as she touched Nick's hand. She also had psychic flashes of dancing and a faceted ball—glimpses of the dance at the Ceilidh Arts Centre which would be attended by Katherine Barrington and her husband.

The murderer also suspected that Ava might have secret information about Katherine Barrington's whereabouts. He tortured her to death.

Nick and Schanke were able to save Katherine, and catch both the assassin and the man who hired him, Jeremy Stanton.

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