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Vudu blew up the plane in "Black Buddha, Part One" with a bomb concealed in a music box.

In the episode "Black Buddha, Part One", a music box with a mechanical ballerina on top is used by the serial bomber, Vudu, to conceal an explosive device.

As the episode opens, Vudu is seen concealing his bomb in the music box and giving it to his lover, Karen Waddell. Unbeknownst to her, he commonly uses the technique of seducing a woman and then planting a bomb on her so that she takes it where he wants to detonate it. Karen is copilot on the airplane taking an extradited prisoner to face trial for a bomb that had spoiled Vudu's pattern of setting off three bombs in a row: Dollard's had given the impression of a being a fourth bomb in the sequence. For this, Vudu decided to kill him.

Vudu therefore gives the music box bomb to Karen, who takes it on board the plane, where it is detonated remotely by Vudu shortly after the plane takes off.

A few days later (in "Black Buddha, Part Two"), Vudu prepares a similar music box bomb, which he gives to a young detective, Nick Knight's new partner, Tracy Vetter. However, the Inca takes the bomb and flies into the sky with it, where it detonates high in the air.

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