Barbara Vetter
Tn angel 268crop2
Barbara Vetter in Avenging Angel
Family Richard Vetter (estranged husband)
Tracy Vetter (daughter)
Sonny (brother-in-law)
Portrayed By Sharry Flett

Barbara Vetter is the mother of Det. Tracy Vetter, Nick's partner in the third season. Like her daughter, she is fair: they even wear similar hair styles. On the whole, she and Tracy get on all right. "Mum's okay," is the way Tracy puts it.

In the episode Avenging Angel, we learn that she and Tracy's father Richard are getting a divorce, which Tracy blames on her mother's alcoholism. Barbara ascribes both her drinking and the divorce to her husband neglecting her in favour of his career.

Episodes of SignificanceEdit

Although mentioned in several episodes early in season three, Barbara Vetter appeared on screen in a single episode, Avenging Angel.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Barbara Vetter among their characters.

Barbara Vetter is a recurring character in FK4

  • "Glowing Embers": Tracy has Sunday dinner with her mother.
  • "A Richer Earth": Tracy runs into her mother, who is also visiting her bereaved aunt.
  • "Tangled Web": Tracy visits her mother, who is entertaining an ex-FBI agent and his wife who are friends of the family.

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