Focus Urs
Type of Faction affiliation term restricted to male fans
Status proposed name, never adopted
Dates Fall 1995 ?
Founder proposed by Debra Hisle

Shortly after the third season debuted, various names were proposed for factions affiliated with new characters in the cast.

When Goldilocks was proposed as a name for an Urs-related affiliation, Sandra Gray asked, "Yes, but would a man want to be called a Goldilock?". In response, the name "Bears" was coined by Debra Hisle, specifically to address this issue.[1] As a gender-restricted term to be used specifically by male fans of Urs, "Bears" is obviously more specific than most faction names.

However, in the event, "Urchins" became the most widely accepted name for Urs's affiliation.

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  1. Mentioned in Meredith's Affiliations FAQ[1] of 15 May 1996.

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