Bedtime Stories from the Dead of Winter
Author Editor - Lora Haines
Format Anthology
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Bedtime Stories from the Dead of Winter was assembled by Lora Haines, and published in 1995 by Forever Knight Fan Club. It contained the winning stories and poems in the writing contest for Dead of Winter Con 2.

This contest had been organized by Laurie Salopek. The stories were mailed in, and judged prior to the convention by Valerie Meachum and Susan M. Garrett. Entries were divided into three categories.


Serious Fiction:

  1. "Dreams of the Damned" by Stefan F. Alford
  2. "It's the thought that counts"[1] by Brian Russell Hauser
  3. "The Faces of Immortality" by R. G.


  1. "How to Tell Your Boss" by Eve Mahoney
  2. "LaCroix's Worst Nightmare" by Dawn Steele
  3. "There Are no Such Things" by Stefan A. Alford


  1. "The Tenable Rift" by Sandye Chisholm
  2. tie between:
"Random Acts of Murder" by Ruth Dempsey
"Revenge is the Best Revenge"[2] by Amy Hull
  1. "Dreamwalker" by Kenlon Adler


  • 1995

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