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The lab staff got together to give Natalie a birthday cake and a present.

In "Only the Lonely", Dr. Natalie Lambert is celebrating her thirtieth birthday. The staff club together to get her a present; and then, by Grace Balthazar, they go to her office in order to ceremonially present her with a cake and a gift box.

The cake is small, and heavily decorated with candles, all of them lit. Natalie counts them, and resignedly admits that "They're all there".
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Natalie's birthday cake

She is somewhat feeling the weight of another birthday, especially the thirtieth. Even so, if the cake manages to bear that many candles, it cannot be quite so small as to justify her description of it as "a Twinkie with candles". Taking a deep breath, she blows them all out and makes her wish. Then she opens the present they have bought her.

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