Black Buddha Pt. 2
Tn 2bb 010
Broadcast Date  23 September 1995
Season  3
Broadcast Order  2nd
Episode Number  51
Production Number  302
Writer  James D. Parriott
Director  Geraint Wyn Davies
Previous Story: Black Buddha Pt. 1

Next Story: Outside the Lines

"The Inca", he says. Like it was his Aunt Judy, or something.
— Screed, Black Buddha, Pt. 2


Tn 1bb 282crop3


As Nick investigates Tracy's new vampire friend, Javier Vachon, she encounters—by apparent accident—a pleasant man who claims also to work the night shift. But this is actually Vudu himself, who has plans to use Tracy to further his bomb attacks.

Guest CastEdit

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Tn 2bb 023crop3
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