Black Flame
Author Amaunet
Date 11 July 1999
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Crossovers, Last Knight story
Format novella
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Millennium. Frank Black comes to Toronto shortly after Natalie's funeral, and is shocked and suspicious when his visions reveal Nick's true nature.

Author's NotesEdit

"This takes place after that evil Last Knight episode for the FK universe. It contains references for AtA and NiQ, amongst countless others. For Milennium, [sic] I suppose it would take place anytime before this season. The first season is as good as any other. Spoilers for Milennium are slim to none. Hopefully, it's all explained."


  • In this story, although Natalie died in "Last Knight", Tracy survived and continues as Nick's partner (though, at the beginning of the story, he has taken a sabbatical to deal with his grief). LaCroix has left Toronto and relocated to Seattle.
  • The author uncanonically refers to LaCroix as Nick's "sire"; he is also referred to as an "Ancient". Nick's bloodlust is referred to as "the Beast".


Bright flashing lights and a horde of curious bystanders marked the carnival of a crime scene at the southern tip of the park. Nick parked his green Caddy far enough away so as not to be photographed by the small wolfpack of journalists that hovered hungrily around the periphery marked by police tape. He paused before opening the door, taking a deep, cleansing breath and ascertaining that the Beast was momentarily pacified before opening the door and heading into the middle of the deliciously tempting mortal crowd.

As he neared the crime scene, he passed a young cop fresh out of the academy spewing his dinner onto the lawn. <Must not be too pretty>, Nick thought grimly, gathering himself for the mental and physical assault a particularly brutal crime scene would be sure to bring with it.

He didn't have long to wait. Just inside of the yellow band of police tape, a light blue morgue sheet humanely covered the crumpled remains of what must have been a person. He approached Tracy who was conversing quietly with Captain Reese before checking up on the exact damage inflicting on the corpse.

"Hey, Cap. What do we have here?" he greeted casually.

"Nick! I'm glad you finally decided to crawl out of that dark hole you call an apartment!" Reese greeted enthusiastically, grasping Nick's palm and pulling the homicide detective into a great big bear hug.

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