Black Harbour
In Katherine's new restaurant in Black Harbour.
Format television series
Company CBC
Run dates 1996-99
Genres family drama
Country of origin Canada

List of crossover stories.

Black Harbour is a Canadian television series, which ran on CBC Television from 1996 to 1999.

The show charted the ups and downs in the personal and professional life of Katherine Hubbard (played by Rebecca Jenkins), who thinks she has successfully fled the small fishing village of Black Harbour to become a wealthy restaurant owner in Los Angeles. However, when she returns to Nova Scotia to visit her mother, who has suffered a heart attack, she discovers that her family assumes that she will move back home to take her share of the nursing care. Reluctantly, she agrees to do so on a temporary basis; and her husband, Nick Haskell (Geraint Wyn Davies), follows her with their two children. A failed Hollywood director suffering writer's block, Nick finds himself a fish out of water in a foreign land. Their marital problems are exacerbated when Katherine reconnects with her high school sweetheart, Paul Isler (Alex Carter), a carpenter employed by her brother, Len (Joseph Ziegler), at the family shipyard.

From the perspective of Forever Knight fans, much of the interest in writing crossover stories between the two series derives from the fact that Geraint Wyn Davies costarred in Black Harbour immediately after the cancellation of Forever Knight.

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