Blue Christmas
Author Bonnie Kate Pardoe
Date December 1997
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Christmas story
Format Short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

After the passing of his oldest friend, Vachon leaves Toronto without a word. Now Tracy feels both alone and lonely during the winter holidays. Will a trip to Screed's grave help Tracy sort out her feelings?


  • Tracy Vetter flicked off the radio with a huff. If she heard one more perky-ass version of "Sleigh Ride" she was going to scream!
  • Vachon had once told her that was one way to make certain the victim stayed dead -- seems as though vampires run an exclusive little club and not just anyone is allowed to join.
  • "Hullo, Tracy."
  • "If I never see another vampire in my entire life it will be too soon,"
  • "Maybe you should try a plumber?"

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