Bonnie Kate Pardoe
Pen names Calla Puerro
Born Bonnie Kathleen Anne Hagstrom
1964 (January 24, 1979)
Place of birth Manassas, VA
Died November 2015
Place of death California
Official website

Bonnie Kate Pardoe was an author of Forever Knight fan fiction and poetry. She maintained a Rat-Pack faction site, Screed Was Here, and long had a website for her stories at (though she eventually transferred the contents to the "Screed Was Here" site).

At one time, Bonnie also sometimes used the "Calla Puerro" pseudonym for her FK fan fiction. However, she later restricted its use to stories in another fandom.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Bonnie Kate Pardoe.

In MemoriamEdit

The FORKNI-L list was informed of Bonnie Pardoe's death on 1 December 2015 by her friend and fellow FK fan, Bonnie Rutledge:

I really don't know how to do this kind of message, but I felt I should let the fandom know that Bonnie passed away in November. She loved Forever Knight, and I feel lucky that I got to experience her friendship through this show. We only visited once in person, but over the past 19 years, Bonnie gifted me with a lifetime of silliness, supportiveness and imagination. Every fanfiction I've written since 2000 exists because of her input, encouragement, and wit. It's been hard to finish off the Vachon/Inca Conversion Day story we had planned because that was my last real conversation with Bonnie - hours of Twitter direct messages chatting about Vachon, the Incas, Pizarro and whatnot. She was the only person, the perfect person, with whom I could have had that exact chat, and I will miss the gifts of her intelligence and personality.

-- Bonnie Rutledge, FORKNI-L, 1 December 2015

I am.... grief stricken once again. Bonnie and I visited in person several times, mostly when we went to see Greg Kramer. She introduced us on-line. Traveling with her was a pleasure as she always had suggestions for things she knew I'd love like the Royal Ontario Museum.

The first time we met in person, I traveled from Arkansas to Oakland, California in pre-cellphone days not totally assured she wasn't really an axe murderer.<g> (We'd both been at Bridging the Knight although I didn't remember her.) I arrived at the Oakland airport to find no one waiting for me. I wasn't worried at first, but then slowly the entire airport emptied. I was about to ask an employee for an idea as to what I should do when I heard "LIBBY!!!!" and she came running through the place after having been caught in traffic.

We traveled together to Vancouver Canada to meet Greg who was performing in a play there. He met us in the bar afterwards, asked which of us was "Libs - the one who writes comic books," dug "the Ratsie Wot Kilt Screed" from my bag, and began running around showing his castmates the creature which he held by the tail (to my horror). Bonnie looked at me and said, "I can't win. I'll get drinks - he obviously likes you better." We both had a great laugh and it started a long running game of who did he like better.


We did get to explore Toronto together on several occasions, memories I will cherish - especially the argument with Greg over a shooting location. He wasn't in that scene so we won. I'm sure passerbys wondered about that ... discussion ;-)

Oh - and on one of those trips we were walking down the sidewalk to a theater when we spotted someone sitting on a stone fence reading. In tandem, we took steps back. It was Ger.

Travel well, Bonnie! Say hi to Greg for me. I'm sure he's with me on every audition, every time I take the stage, and every time I step in front of the camera. Now you will be as well.

-- Libratsie, FORKNI-L, 1 Dec 2015

The two Bonnies are (are!) one of my favorite things about this list. I have laughed a tremendous amount over the years with your fictional antics and non-fictional wit.

-- Allison, FORKNI-L, 1 December 2015

Libby's words remind me of an anecdote once when Greg K visited Bonns. He loved Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (shocker :) ) and she'd pop a cookie in his mouth whenever he wanted one. It's just an adorable picture I think of regarding those two. If heaven exists, Greg and Bonnie-Kate are sharing thin mints, she has her beloved dog Brand back, and she's knitting the angels sweaters.

Bonns' death was sudden. Nov. 23rd would have been her birthday. It took me a while from the time I found out before I could write it, so I'm sorry about that.


Allison, I don't even know what to say about fanfic. For me, she was the One True Bonnie. Bonnie Pardoe posted long before me on the lists. She was The Bonnie Who Dared Cut Vachon's Hair in War 7. Then, she became my friend. I know we've been confusing the hell out of people for ages, but she was the Bonnie I looked up to, one of the peeps whose list posts gave me the courage to delurk and take part in the fandom and unleash millions of words later. And what a screaming fine ride it was. <3

-- Libratsie, FORKNI-L, 1 December 2015

I have a story to tell.

My very first War was War III. I knew I was going to play a Merc, and I even arranged for a super-duper wheelchair because that was the only way I would have been able to travel to TO. This was in my first round of what we eventually decided was Wegener's Granulomatosis, and I was on huge, 10x the usual cancer doses of chemo and prednisone. Anyway, I got my first assignment, to break into the Perks mansion. No problem, got in my chair & knocked out the guard geese with sleeping pills stuffed in raisins. Don't remember what the rest of the job was, except it involved picking a lock to get in. So I posted my piece.

And was told flat out, it wasn't good enough.

It felt like someone had kicked my in the stomach. Thought about mentioning the pred withdrawal related migraines & decided it sounded like an excuse. Thought about sending a note to the War Mistress saying I hereby withdraw from the War. And I would have except...

Bonnie saved me.

She wrote a 2nd half of my post that filled in the gaps I'd missed. I don't remember many of the details due to chemo-related memory loss, but it was enough to keep me in the War.

I think, of all the deaths that hit me hard this year, losing her might be the hardest.

-- Liz the Lucky, FORKNI-L, 3 December 2015

I didn't correspond with Bonnie much, but last year she sent me a note of appreciation on my closing story for the last war, thanking me for the way I wrapped up the Perkulators' storyline when they dropped out in the middle of War 8. She was a wonderful, vital, part of the fandom, and will be missed.

In tribute, it seems appropriate to post the last few lines of the story she thanked me for:

> "How about a toast to absent friends, then, those who can't be here, and those who've gone on," Tracy said, raising her glass. Her faction members raised theirs as well.
> "To absent friends," Teri and Anne chorused, and Anne added, "Forever in our hearts."
> Forever in *my* heart,

-- Anne Jensen, FORKNI-L, 4 December 2015

Please visit Scott Hagstrom on Facebook to share memories of his sister. Thank you.

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