Bonnie Rutledge
Pen names Cousin Bonnie, Cousin Bons
Official website

Bonnie Rutledge is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction and filk. She kept several Forever Knight-related websites. In addition to Bon's Forever Knight Fan Fiction Wasteland (an archive of her own stories), she also kept faction sites for the Die-Hards (Why I Love Forever Knight), the Perks (The Good, the Bad and the Perky), and the Nunkies Anonymous.

Bonnie has played in several Forever Knight Wars with the Nunkies Anonymous faction. Most notoriously, she was abducted in one war by the Vaqueras, resulting in a long story arc in which she believed she had been turned into a llama.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Bonnie Rutledge.

Fan FictionEdit

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