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Nick and Capt. Reese go to Jordan Manning's book signing.

In the episode "Jane Doe", a local shop holds a book signing for Jordan Manning's book Killing Mind.

Jordan Manning and Capt. Joe Reese have a long history of mistrust. Reese always thought that it was Manning who was responsible for a series of racially based murders that had taken place when he was a young police officer; but he had not been able to prove anything at the time, and the murders stopped.

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Reese and Manning confront each other in the store.

Reese is sure that Manning's book is more an autobiography than a novel about a serial killer. He therefore goes to the book signing with Det. Nick Knight to warn Manning that he is keeping an eye on him. Manning pretends to be pleased to see him. Mockingly, he writes a taunting dedication inside the cover of a copy of Killing Mind, signs it, and hands it to Reese. The situation is briefly tense; but then Reese and Nick leave the store.

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