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Nick gives Alyssa some blood during his attempt to bring her over

The term bring across (or bring over), and the related phrase come across (or come over) are terms that Forever Knight used in reference to the creation of vampire characters. Specifically, the act of "bringing across" or "bringing over" is the act of transforming a mortal into a vampire. The act of "coming across" or "coming over" is the same act from the new vampire's perspective (e.g., Nick Knight came across in 1228 when he was brought across by LaCroix). Different episodes have shown slight variations on the method employed (see the article, How to Bring a Vampire Across).

The term was first used in the opening credits monologue of the 1992 pilot. In addition to this specific mention, the terms are also used and discussed specifically in the following episodes:

How is a vampire created? Folklore gives us myriad answers, few of which have much to do with any of the characters in Forever Knight; and other works of fiction also differ, from Forever Knight and from one another. Even Forever Knight is not always consistent—something that often frustrates fans of the show, but was actually a deliberate decision on the part of its creators to leave them free to write each story as they felt would be most effective.

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