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in "Dying to Know You"
Born early 17th century
Died circa 1650 A.D. (suicide by hanging)
Portrayed By Richard McMillan

Brother Matthew was played by Richard McMillan in the Season One episode "Dying to Know You".

Around 1650 A.D., Nicholas is staying with a Puritan friend, a farmer named Matthew (surname unknown). Secretly, Nick steals out to the barn each night in order to fly off and hunt. Unfortunately, Matthew repeatedly glimpses him coming and going, and finds it difficult to reconcile what is going on with his friendship with Nicholas. On the one hand, Nicholas could be a demon; but Nick scoffs at the suggestion, which Matthew is loathe to believe, since he likes Nicholas. The only alternatives, though, are that he himself must be insane or possessed.

Nicholas fails to understand the serious degree to which Matthew is disturbed, since he is far more worried about keeping the secrect of his vampirism. He is appalled when Matthew hangs himself.

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