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The main page of the CERK Radio Toronto website.

CERK Radio Toronto (originally at was AC Chapin's Forever Knight website.


CERK Radio Toronto consisted of four separate (albeit linked) webpages, which are often treated separately on Links pages in other websites.

  • CERK Archives
    A transcription of every Nightcrawler broadcast in canon.
  • The Cousinly Page
    A brief info page on Nigel Bennett and the Cousins faction.
  • Forever Knight Episode Reviews
    Very brief reviews of each episode.
  • The Forever Knight section of The Fake Book
    An archive of Chapin's fan fiction and poetry: not all the material in The Fake Book is Forever Knight related; but each fandom is linked to a separate webpage.

Site HistoryEdit

The website was started by June 1997 (when it was first archived). At that time, the site contained thirteen stories by Chapin. By January 1999, the main page of the site had been somewhat reorganized and two additional stories were archived, with one final story being added sometime between April 2001 and April 2002. The site remained on the web until sometime after October 2003.

Archive LocationEdit

Archived on the Wayback Machine. Effectively complete.

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