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The outside of the CWB building in downtown Toronto.

CWB is a fictional Canadian television network. Its headquarters are in a high-rise in downtown Toronto. One of its most popular prime-time shows is a reality-based television series called Cop Watch, whose host is Tawny Teller. In "Unreality TV", the Metropolitan Police agree to let Cop Watch follow a pair of Homicide detectives around for a week; and Nick Knight and Don Schanke are the unlucky pair who have to deal with unwanted guests as they tried to do their job.

Tn utv 108

Tawny Teller looks at the night's raw footage of the editing room.

Several scenes take place in the editing room, as Teller looks at the night's raw footage, much of which makes her suspect that there must be something very odd about Detective Knight.

The climax of the episode takes place in several locations in the CWB building. However, the interior is seen largely in passing—essentially, only in the background of scenes whose import is plot related. Thus, it is in the lobby of the building that Enforcers kill the security guard who was on duty. They then chase Nick Knight and the radio host Tawny Teller, who manage to escape upstairs to one of the executive suites. There Teller had hidden a tape of Nick flying, which has to be destroyed. Once this is done, her memory of seeing a vampire can be hypnotized away in order to satisfy the Enforcers' code of silence.

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