Focus Nick's car
Type of Faction tongue-in-cheek, but more than a joke
Status claimed as affiliation by some fans
Caddy-whackers icon01
Faction icon created by Greer Watson in 2012.

For a list of members of this faction, please see Category:CaddyWhackers.

The CaddyWhackers are devoted fans of Nick's car. A more general name for the faction is the NickKnack CaddyWhacks, which is an affiliation for fans of Nick's '62 Cadillac and/or other inanimate objects from Forever Knight. Basically, therefore, a fan of the props from the show.

A running joke among CaddyWhackers has it that the Caddy is Nick's One True Love. ("Mortal or Immortal beloveds. Nick's True Love is one of Inanimate Love.")[1]

As the faction website puts it:

There are several aspects to CaddyWhack-dom.
  • CaddyWhack -- a fan of the Caddy
  • NickKnack -- fan of Nick's and other "stuff"

and members of what is jokingly called "AutoErotica" -- those who think Nick is already with his One True Love.

NickKnacks may like Nick's "evil pink shirt" from the episode Games Vampires Play, his multi-purpose remote control, his motorcycle, his mostly empty fridge, his dragon statue (over the mantel), his cactus (undead? you decide) -- or how about Schanke's duck lamp or LaCroix's sword pin?

"Vampire in Trunk" (VIT) is sort of a motto of the CaddyWhacks. At one time it was possible to get a bumper sticker with this on it.[2]



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