The Calendar Series included stories written celebrating a month of the year, during 2008 and 2009, by Walter Doherty. The month celebrated wasn't necessarily the month in which the story was written. The stories in this series, ordered by month, include:

Representative Month Story Title Date Posted
January Birthdays December 17, 2008
February Heartfelt
March Rock-y Horrors
April Aprille's Showers March 11, 2009
May Anniversary March 22, 2009
June Father's Day May 19, 2009
July Summertime Blues June 23, 2009
August Souliloquy
September Change of Season Change of Mind
October Hallowe'en October 18, 2008
October[1] Thanksgiving May 13, 2009
November Remembrance November 5, 2008
December Christmas Eve Conversation


  1. Doherty, Walter. "Thanksgiving, Calendar Series -Oct-, 1/1." 13 May 2009. FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU. 13 May 2009. This is the second of the October stories. The author explained "October again - The first Oct. story is about Halloween, this one is about Thanksgiving. Canadian Thanksgiving takes place the second Monday of October rather than the third Thursday of November as in the US."

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