Charles DuChamps
Tn bmoney 003crop
Charles DuChamps (from Blood Money).
Died 1995 (car bomb)
Family Sean DuChamps (son)
Portrayed By Bernard Behrens

Charles DuChamps is the head of the Maison DuChamps, an investment house that manages the De Brabant Foundation. DuChamps appears in the Season Two episode, "Blood Money". The characters is played by Bernard Behrens.

At the beginning of the episode, DuChamps leaves his office, only to be blown up by a car bomb. The principal suspect is his son and heir, Sean, who is deeply in debt. Uncertain if he can be trusted, Nick Knight decides to remove his money from the Maison DuChamps. However, when he asks Feliks Twist to take care of the matter, he discovers that the entire De Brabant Foundation has mysteriously disappeared. In fact, it has been embezzled by Sean to pay his gambling debts.

Nick solves the murder of the elder DuChamps and regains his money, which he entrusts to Feliks.

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