Cherry Blossoms
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Broadcast Date  11 August 1992
Season  1
Broadcast Order  8th
Episode Number  9
Production Number  408
Writer  Roy Sallows
Director  Brad Turner
Previous Story: False Witness

Next Story: I Will Repay

What is it? It's cow, isn't it? Delicieux.
— Janette, Cherry Blossoms


A woman targeted in a mob hit in Chinatown escapes, but in critical condition. Now Nick must find her before the mobsters do.

Guest CastEdit

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Detailed Story RecapEdit

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Mai Tung Wa uses an acupuncture needle on Nick.

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Schanke and Stonetree discuss strategies for finding the missing witness

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LaCroix kills Mrs. Tung Wa

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Dr. Chung Tung Wa threatens to stake Nick

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Nick and Janette kiss passionately

Vampire LoreEdit

  • It is possible to paralyse a vampire with a well placed acupuncture needle.

Fan FictionEdit



  • QUAN: "And what do you know about the Chinese community, detective? The crimes?"
    SCHANKE: "All I know is that my wife loves Moo Goo Gai Pan."

  • NICK: "Any idea how badly she was hurt?"
    NATALIE: (annoyed) "Oh what I'm supposed to know that? Give me a break. I got some blood samples from the cab and that's about it. If you want anything more than that, go buy a Ouija board. (sighs) I'm sorry. (sheepish) It's been a bad day. They cut my budget all the pieces. I gotta lose two of the attendants off my shift. Both of them have families and the worst of it is that neither of them have anything to go to. I mean working in a morgue doesn't exactly qualify you to do anything else. Life's a bitch."

  • QUAN: "He's a fool trying to rub these people in the stores."
    SCHANKE: "Listen, I am trying to question witnesses and he will not interpret! He will not cooperate in any—"
    NICK: (walks in) "No, no. Don't stop on my account. Sounds great! Really professional."

  • STONETREE: "I can free up a few men for this. Nick, I want you to set it up and brief them."
    NICK: "You know, Captain, I think you should put Schanke in charge. No seriously. I mean he knows the case. He knows the street. I'm not really a team player. I can do more good out there on my own. Schanke's the obvious guy to put in charge of something like this. Any objections?"
    STONETREE: (nods no)
    NICK: (cheerful) "That's it then, way to go, Schanke. Give'em hell."

  • SCHANKE: (calm and professional) "I want you to call on every house, ladies and gentleman. And I can't emphasize this enough but be nice, be courteous because these people have a different way of doing things than us. OK. (pauses) Oh yeah, and if immigration shows up...tell'em to take a hike. OK, let's rock and roll."

  • STONETREE: (points to map) "What are the red pins for?"
    SCHANKE: (frustrated) "Red means possible. Geez, how many times do I..." (shuts up)
    STONETREE: "Good career move."

  • SCHANKE: "Well if she won't come to us how about we roll out a SWAT team out there to sit on her."
    NICK: "I don't think that's a good idea. If no one knows where she is, nobody can leak it."
    SCHANKE: "It's funny how you've taken my theory and decided to call it your own."
    NICK: "Hey, law of averages, Schank. I mean every once in a while even you've gotta be right."

  • NATALIE: "I don't think this is a good idea."
    NICK: "Come on, it's like riding a bike. You never forget."
    NATALIE: "Nick, I don't know I've ever told you this before, but most of my patients over the last few years have all been dead."
    NICK: "Well then, this'll be a nice change."

  • NATALIE: "Well, maybe they won't believe him."
    NICK: "He hates me, Nat. I don't know why, but he does—and he knows he's got me."
    NATALIE: "Well, get out of here. Go."
    NICK: (frustrated) "It's happening again. The story of my life. If I have to leave, I'll get in contact with you somehow."
    NATALIE: "Hey, just promise me one thing. No matter what happens, you won't ever stop trying to become human again."

  • STONETREE: "We found the leak. It was Quan. They were holding his wife and kids.
    NICK: "They all right?"
    STONETREE: "Yeah, Schanke "persuaded" one of the hoods to take him to the location."

  • NICHOLAS (in flashback): "Why won't you understand? Our friendship is over."
    LACROIX: "No, it's forever. And anyway, it's not your choice."

  • LACROIX (in flashback): "You are what I am."

  • NICK: "Well?"
    JANETTE: "After nearly 800 years I would have thought that you could do just a little bit better than this."
    NICK: "Well, I'm a cop, Janette. If I have too many possessions they think I'm dirty.
    JANETTE: "Oh, yes. Right. You know I honestly I don't know why you bother, Nicolas. You're not human and you never will be."

  • JANETTE: (sees goblet of blood) "Hmm, may I?"
    NICK: (amused) "Yeah, help yourself."
    JANETTE: (drinks and is disgusted) "What is it? It's cow, isn't it?" (mutters in French before sipping again) "Ugh."

  • NICK: "For me, it's a better life."
    JANETTE: "Is it, really. Even though you needed me to save you?"
    NICK: "I'm grateful for that."
    JANETTE: "Are you? Then show me. Show me Nick."
    (Nick kisses her passionately and eyes turn gold.)
    JANETTE: "You may become one of them some day; but, right now, I know exactly what you are."
    NATALIE: (exits elevator) "Nick?" (Nick and Janette pull apart) "Oh! I'm sorry." (laughs nervously) "I thought you'd be asleep. I'll, I'll, I'll just go and, and come back..."
    NICK: "Nat! Natalie!" (gestures for her to come back) "This is Janette. We're just old friends."
    JANETTE: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Natalie. Nick has spoken of you...often. We'll have to get together and talk."


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title for this episode was "Die China-Connection" ("The China Connection").


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