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The Cherry Restaurant is a run-down diner on Cherry Street.

The Cherry Restaurant is a cheap diner—the very epitome of a greasy spoon. It gets its name from its location on the corner of Cherry Street. In "Crazy Love", one of the outpatients at the Laurier Mental Health Clinic, Erin Devon, has a job there as a waitress. She works nights; and she and the cook (who is perhaps also the owner) are the ones who have to clean up after the place closes to customers. Signs suggest a very basic cuisine, including fish and chips.

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Because she has been at work and not received her telephone messages, Erin does not know that Peter Barlow—a very dangerous prisoner who had been temporarily at the Laurier Clinic for evaluation—has escaped. He has already killed one of her doctor's patients; and he has targeted Erin to be another victim. When he comes to the restaurant, she is easy for him to murder.

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