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Schanke looks at a photocopy of Nicholas Forrester's library card

In "Close Call", Nick Knight's partner, Don Schanke became suspicious of his odd behaviour and decided to investigate him. In the glove compartment of the Caddy, he found an old driver's licence that had Nick's picture on it; but it was a New York permit from the 1950s issued to "Nicholas Forrester". Schanke decided to find out more about Forrester, and received photocopied documents from the United States. These included a copy of a temporary library card issued to Nicholas Forrester by the Chicago Public Library.

The card has the following information:

  • It was a "temporary borrowing permit".
  • An address: 38 Harlow Ave. This is handwritten at the top of the card, right under the information about the permit being temporary. It is written over a line, and looks as though it may be the address of a branch of the library.
  • The box "New" is checked.
  • The card number: No. 3875839.
  • Date issued: Oct 13 1964.
  • Just visible is the beginning of the surname "Forrester", hand printed over a line.

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