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Vudu prepares bombs to send to all the police stations in Toronto.

In "Black Buddha, Part One", the serial bomber, Vudu, plans to blow up police stations in Toronto. To do this, he creates chocolate box bombs by placing explosives inside a number of boxes of chocolates, hidden underneath the actual pieces of chocolate. Any additional depth is disguised by making them musical boxes as well, so that the recipient assumes the mechanical music device is taking up the space.

Boxes are delivered to several police stations; and, in some instances, the bombs are detonated. In others, the bomb squad manages to defuse the bombs before they go off.

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Capt. Reese is just about to take a chocolate when he learns the box will explode.

At the 96th Precinct police station, Captain Reese has actually unwrapped his supposed gift and is about to take a piece of chocolate at the moment when it is discovered that the box is a bomb. Nick Knight uses hypnosis to persuade him to change places. The building is evacuated, to the frustration of Vudu, who is waiting outside in his car in order to detonate the bomb by remote. As he decides to set it off anyway, Knight leaps out of the window of the office just as the bomb goes off.

The Note to Captain ReeseEdit

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On each chocolate box, Vudu puts a note addressed to the captain of the precinct.

On each chocolate box bomb, Vudu places a note, set decoratively at an angle. The only one of these that we see close enough to read is the one addressed to Captain Reese, from which it may be concluded that the notes on the other bombs are addressed to the captains of the police stations to which those bombs are sent.

The note reads:

Captain Reese —
Congratulations from the Commissioner.

Reese assumes from this that the box of chocolates has been sent to him by Commissioner Vetter. As he has no idea that similar boxes have been received by people at other precincts, he also assumes that it is a personal gift, presumably to congratulate him on his recent promotion. He is therefore thrilled to receive the box of chocolates, seeing it as a good sign for his career that he is being recognized by one of his superiors.

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