Christopher Scheer
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Scheer contemplates the satisfactions of serial murder
Portrayed By Alan C. Peterson

Christopher Scheer is a serial killer nicknamed "the Mortician", who appears in the Season Three episode, "Trophy Girl". The character was portrayed by Alan C. Peterson.

When a headless, handless corpse is discovered, Det. Nick Knight recognizes similarities to Scheer's modus operandi. He cannot be the murderer, since he is safely locked up in Oak Ridge Asylum. Nevertheless, Knight arranges for permission to interview him there, believing that Scheer may be able to offer insights into the motivation of this sort of serial killer.

Scheer agrees to discuss his methods in return for Knight persuading the warden to return his Internet privileges. He talks about selecting and stalking his victims, adding that it is sometimes very enjoyable to take one that is "right under your nose". To his amusement, he realizes that the detective is uncomfortably excited by the discussion: his methods and motives are disturbingly similar to those employed by vampires in hunting their prey.

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