Close Call
Tn ccall 123
Broadcast Date  22 July 1995
Season  2
Broadcast Order  25th
Episode Number  45
Production Number  222
Writer  Michael Sadowski
Director  Clay Borris
Previous Story: Queen of Harps

Next Story: Be My Valentine

I don't tan. I don't burn. I implode.
— Nick Knight, Close Call


When Nick saves Schanke's life during a fire fight, Schanke can't help but notice Nick has taken up flying. Despite Nick's hypnotic suggestion to forget what he saw, Schanke begins investigating Nick's past. Natalie can't deflect him and Janette's attempts to hypnotise him fail. The trail soon leads him to conclude his partner is a vampire and from there to LaCroix. The question is, what is LaCroix going to do with the inquisitive Schanke?

Guest CastEdit

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Detailed Story RecapEdit

Tn ccall 125

the books that Schanke consults for information on vampires

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