Count Me Out
Author Ainsley
Date 18 December 1997
Rating/Warning G
Genres Crossovers, crackfic
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Sesame Street. Nick and Tracy are assigned to protect the Transylvanian ambassador, who has been receiving death threats; so Nick takes him into "protective custody" at the loft.


The ambassador, who also happens to be The Count himself, is a Sesame Street character. He is about three feet high with purple skin and fangs, and travels with three pet bats. In a running pun on his title of "Count", he has an obsessive habit of counting things.

Author's NoteEdit

"Go easy on me, it's my first fanfic! :)"


Tracy Vetter stepped out of Nick's Cadillac and looked up at the huge building in front of her. It could almost be compared to a castle, not really in size but in design. Spires adorned the rooftop, and the yard was surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. The building itself was painted to look like granite, with black shutters and doors.

"This is the embassy?" Tracy mused. "It looks more like a castle out of an old horror movie."

"I am Count von Count," he said. "The Transylvanian ambassador, but you may call me The Count. I was formerly the ambassador to Sesame Street, but I was transferred.

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