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Pen names Cousin Mary
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Cousin Mary (Mary Jenkins) is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction, and founder of the Dark Perkulators faction. She has an archive of her own Dark Perks stories, Cousin Mary's Tracy Vetter Page, which doubles as the DP faction site. She also keeps faction sites for three Tracy-related couple factions, the Rat Patrol, Night Shift, and CERK Perks, which include archives of faction members' stories.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Cousin Mary Jenkins.

Forever Knight Related Fan WorksEdit

Fan FictionEdit

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War StoriesEdit

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Fan ArtEdit

Top Ten ListsEdit

  • Top Ten Lists:[228]
    • Top Ten Reasons It's great to be a Dark Perk!
    • Top Ten Ways Tracy Spends her Spare Time
    • Top Ten Most Common Things Overheard at a DP Party
    • Top Ten Things You'll -Never- Hear at a DP Party
    • Top Ten Ways to get kicked out of the Dark Perks
    • Top Ten Things To Do At DP Mansion When you're Bored
    • Top Ten ways Francesca would've been different if a Dark Perk had directed
    • Little Know Facts About Tracy Vetter
    • Top 10 Ways Tracy Could Survive LK
    • Top ten things Tracy and Darth Vader have in common! (...Darth Vetter?)
    • Top Ten Books found in Tracy's Desk Drawer
    • Top Ten Places Tracy Can Hide the Bodies
    • Top Ten Ways the FK Vamps Fly
    • Top Ten Things You'd Never Hear Tracy Say
    • Top 10 Ways The FK Vampires Abuse Their Powers

NOTE: The same page also has the following:

  • 10 things that give away being a DP... (By Shana)
  • Top Ten things only DP's will understand: (By Debi K)

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