Crazy Love
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Broadcast Date  29 July 1995
Season  2
Broadcast Order  26th
Episode Number  36
Production Number  213
Writer  William Schmidt
Director  Don McCutcheon
Previous Story: Near Death

Next Story: Baby, Baby

But those are needs you don't have anymore. That's all in the past. Isn't it?
— Natalie, Crazy Love


Soon after a psychopathic killer, Peter Barlow, escapes from a mental institution, a patient's body is discovered on the hospital grounds -- the victim of a brutal and vicious murder. The following day another patient's body is discovered. Both crimes match Barlow's M.O., and Nick Knight is determined to prevent another murder. But, Nick's quick arrest of Barlow proves there is a different killer at large. Now he must find a new connection between the victims and the murderer.

Guest CastEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title of this episode is "Der Schrei nach Liebe" ("The Cry for Love").


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