In the arts, a crossover is a piece of artwork that combines characters from two or more distinct original sources. Typically in fan fiction, characters and/or settings from two or more fandoms are combined in a single story, so that the fandoms are treated as if they share a common universe. Much of the appeal comes from the opportunity this affords characters from one fandom to meet characters from another one.

Although most Forever Knight fan fiction focuses on the series regulars and their world, there are also many crossover stories involving them with characters from other fandoms.

Comparison with Professional MediaEdit

It should be noted that the fan model for crossovers is somewhat different from the models normally employed in professional media.

In prose texts, for example, authors such as Michael Moorcock and Isaac Asimov, having created several distinct series of novels, subsequently combined them into a larger whole through the crossover technique of linking different characters and settings together over a number of different works. Notably, they drew on their own previous writings. By contrast, fan crossovers draw their inspiration from disparate sources, and then typically combine them in a single story.

When two television or comic book series cross over, a story usually starts in one series, with characters from the other series as guests; then the story continues in the other series, with characters from the first series as guests. Such two- or multi-part stories resemble fan crossovers in having multiple separate sources. However, in professional series, the stars always feature more strongly in their own portion of the story than they do as guests. While it is not unknown for fan stories to fail to integrate the sources equally, this is a structural fault for a fan crossover, since fan fiction normally consists of single stories.

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There is a subsection of that specifically archives crossover fan fiction between Forever Knight and other media.

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