Title screen from the opening credits of Cupid.
Format television series
Creator(s) Rob Thomas
Company ABC
Date released 1998-99
Genres comedy
Country of origin USA

List of crossover stories.

Cupid is an American comedy-drama series created by Rob Thomas. Originally broadcast on ABC, the show ran from 26 September 1998 to 11 February 1999, being cancelled in the middle of its first season.

In Cupid, the insistence of Trevor Hale (Jeremy Piven) that he is really Cupid, the Roman god of love, lands him in a mental hospital, where he meets psychologist Claire Allen (Paula Marshall), a renowned authority on romance. Trevor tells her that he has been stripped of his godly powers by Zeus, and exiled from Mount Olympus as a punishment for arrogance. To win his way back among the gods, he must unite one hundred couples in everlasting love—but without using his fabled bow and arrows.

Claire does not believe in any of this, but she risks her career by releasing Trevor from the hospital, assuming responsibility for his behavior. He finds work as a bartender and regularly disrupts her group therapy sessions, while plotting his campaign to promote romance and earn his way back to Olympus.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on Cupid.

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