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Cynthia Lambert Luce
Tn undue 001
The "Missing" poster used during the search for Cynthia (from Undue Process).
Born 4 June 1984
Died circa 12 May 1994 (Toronto, murdered)
Family Robert John Luce (father)
Sharon Anne Lambert (mother)
Natalie Lambert (godmother, ? cousin)

Cynthia Lambert Luce was Natalie's goddaughter, abducted on 12 May 1994, and murdered by Ronald Gault. Natalie was a tireless participant in the search for her, and devastated when her body was found. Gault was quickly caught. When his lawyer had him released, he was placed under police protection; however, despite the precaution, Gault was murdered. It was Natalie who discovered the fact and found his killer.

Cynthia never appeared on screen except in a missing person's photograph. She was mentioned in a single episode, Undue Process.

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