Dark NatPack
Focus Natalie's dark site
Type of Faction fraction faction
DarkNatPack icon05
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

For a list of members of this faction, please see Category:Dark NatPack.

The Dark NatPack are fans of the darker side of the human doctor, Natalie Lambert. (Note that there is also a faction, the NatVampCamp, specifically for fans who want to see her brought across.)

Faction HistoryEdit

On the earliest faction lists, the name Dark Natties was used for fans of Natalie's darker side. This seems to have been changed to the more formal "Dark NatPack" (paralleling the name of the earlier "NatPack").[1]

Faction WebsitesEdit

  • (disappeared)
  • (archived, but hardly anything there)

FK WarsEdit

See also:Edit


  1. Dark Natties and Dark NatPack do not appear to coincide: either one name is used or the other.

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