Dark Nick and NatPack
Abbreviations DarkNN
Focus Nick/Natalie
Type of Faction fraction faction
Websites Dark Nick and Nat,
Descent Into Darkness
DarkNNPack icon05
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

For a list of members of this faction, please go to Category:Dark Nick and NatPack.

The Dark Nick and NatPackers is a so-called fraction faction: that is, it comprises fans who have, to some degree, broken from the Nick and NatPack faction because their interests differ from the majority. Dark Nick and NatPackers are fans who revel in the darker side of the relationship between Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert. It should be noted that the definition of "dark" varies; and the faction includes—but is not limited to—those who would like to see him bring her over so that they can be together for eternity. (This faction is sometimes abbreviated as DarkNN).

From the main faction website:

"The focus of this faction is on the darker aspects of the characters Nick and Natalie and their relationship. Nick's hunger for Natalie's blood, perhaps the vampire's desire to possess her. Nat's obsession with the vampire, or her longing to become a vampire herself."

Faction WebsitesEdit

FK WarsEdit

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