Darkest Memories
Author April Hackett
Date 23 October 1995 (orig.)
23 February 2012 (rev.)
Rating/Warning NC-17
Genres historical fiction, slash
Format Novelette
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

What would have happened if the Germans had captured Nick in World War II and discovered the vampire? What happens when the Enforcers confront LaCroix on this event?



Two different versions of "Darkest Memories" exist. The original one can be found on the archived Knightbuds website, and the revised one on AO3.


“How is Nicholas? Janette asked. She was worried about her brother in blood. He was not recovering as quickly as he should. The nightmares that had plagued him since his escape seemed to drain him so much. He had been jumpy too, flinching at the slightest unexpected touch or sound. He hadn’t regained back much of the weight his imprisonment and near starvation had taken from him.

“With his energy level so depleted, he is sleeping quite a lot the last few days. I am feeding him as often as possible, but…” LaCroix repressed the urge to sigh. “It is going to take longer than I expected for him to recover from this trauma. I may have to suppress the memories of his confinement entirely before he begins to show improvement. I have not done so in case the Enforcement Council needed to speak with Nicholas, but I may not have a choice if he is to recover.”

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