Daydreams and Knightmares
Wraparound cover: Knightmares and Daydreams
Author Editor - Susan M. Garrett
Format Anthology
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In 1995, Susan M. Garrett published Daydreams and Knightmares. It was a two-sided story collection: the Daydreams have happy endings and the Knightmares are tragic (including two versions of one story). The wrap-around cover and all artwork are by Ann Larimer.


Daydreams and Knightmares includes the following:

  • "Mortal Ways and Miracle Plays" (Susan M. Garrett). There are some aspects of the mortal world that just never will make sense to a vampire.
  • "Back to Normal" (Sharon S. Scott). Life as a mortal isn't all that Nick's more.
  • "A Noteworthy Occurrence" (Susan M. Garrett). Nick begins to realize he's taken Natalie's assistance for granted...but is it too late to make amends?
  • "Be Careful What You Wish For" (Sharon Himmanen). An alternate version of the second half of Dark Knight in which Nick manages to save the second cup from destruction, only to find himself faced with an impossible choice.
  • "Ever After" (Susan M. Garrett). Standing vigil with Janette in a graveyard isn't Natalie's idea of a fun time--but who they waiting for? And whose name is on the headstone?
  • the "party favors"...two stories with the same beginning but very different endings.
    • "A Knight in Hell" (Susan M. Garrett). A traffic accident sets in motion a chain of events that destroy Nick and the fragile world he's built around him.
    • "Assignment: Knight" (Susan M. Garrett). It's only an hour in an ice-cream parlor, answering a list of question for Jenny's school assignment. So why is Nick so uneasy?

Editor's NotesEdit

In 1996, this zine won a FanQ for best Forever Knight fanzine.


  • 1995 - Daydreams and Knightmares

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